My first post

Hello everyone. As you may have guessed by the title this is in fact my first post on my travel blog. So many of my friends have been pestering me to keep a log of my travels (presumably so that I don’t keep boring them with my tales of woe when we’re out and about). Anyway, that’s what this blog is mainly going to be for – well that and venting about the people at work, home and anyone else who gets on my nerves on any given day.


On my blog I will be posting live travel updates when I’m away as well as the odd story or information about somewhere that I have been previously. If I can figure out how to do it I am also going to add some sort of map where I can shade the areas of the world that I have been to because I’ve been to a lot of places now. So many that I’m getting to the stage where I’m beginning to struggle in remembering them. Or is that just because I’m getting old?


Anyway please follow my blog if you like it, or add me on Twitter (riccardoohh). If you have any comments or questions about any of the places that I’ve been to then please do keep them to yourself. I’m just kidding, let me know and I will post them here. Unless you’re funnier than me and then I probably won’t publish anything.


’til later xx



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