Things I always remember to take with me when I travel

As a keen traveller, I spend a lot of my time well, travelling. As a result of this I think that it is pretty safe to say that I know a thing or two about travelling in general and I’m getting pretty savvy at it all now. Different airlines and different countries and regions around the world have different allowances for luggage and what you’re actually allowed to bring in and out of the country, so I have a generic list of things that I know I can take with me absolutely anywhere.

The first thing that I always bring with me is my iPod. Whilst I absolutely love the process of travelling, and I rarely need anything to keep me occupied when I’m on the move, sometimes that night flight to Sydney or the all-night train to New Delhi is just TOO boring – particularly when it’s dark and there’s not a lot to look at. Providing I don’t use my iPod on planes when they are ascending or descending I can pretty much use it anywhere else I like.

Another thing I never leave the country without (in fact, I rarely leave my house without it) is my bum bag. For all you American’s reading this, I think you refer to it as a fanny pack but that’s a whole different blog post. This enables you to keep your passport, money and important travel documents on you at all times. In some places I even wear my bum bag when I sleep. That way I know my important things are safe from being lost or stolen.

Wherever I go in the world I always have my Saint Christopher pendant with me at all times. Saint Christopher is the patron saint of travelling and so even if I’m on the bus on my way to work because Herbie has failed me, I will have Saint Christopher around my neck. I only have a cheap pendant to avoid me becoming a target for thieves. I’ve also found that rubbish materials don’t set off the metal detectors in airports either so the cheaper the better.


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