Why your next holiday should be in Spain

I mentioned in one of my first posts a couple of weeks ago that I absolutely love Spain. In fact it is one of my three top destinations in the world. I didn’t get time in my other post to say why I like Spain so much, or to persuade you readers to stop what you’re doing and start researching your next trip and make sure that it is in Spain. Here are just a few of the things that I love about Spain – in no particular order – and why I think you should definitely go there, whether you have already been or not.


  1. Spain is will known for the fact that it has so much coastline. If you look at a picture of it on the map, you will see that it’s pretty much an island apart from the small part of the perimeter that connects it to the rest of Europe (already another great thing about Spain – it’s connections with Europe). There are over 5,000 miles of coastline in Spain which means that there are also lots and lots of beaches. Wherever in Spain you go you’re never that far away from the beach.
  2. Out of the 365 days in any given year, Spain benefits from about 300 days of glorious sunshine. The fact that it is much nearer the equator than we are in the UK means that the sunny weather is actually warm. You don’t need to carry three or four layers with you when the sun is out in Spain.
  3. The food in Spain is to die for. The fact that there are so many cultural influences means that there are many different kinds of food available. Even if you’re the most fussy of eaters you will find plenty that you like eating and this will no doubt open up your curiosity to try many new foods.
  4. The people in Spain are very welcoming to visitors. The fact that they have a lot of beaches means that tourists have flocked to Spain throughout the year for many decades. The explosion of budget airlines has made this possible for people even further afield which means they receive even more visitors now than they used to. This has given then a thriving tourism industry which is one of the main things that generates income in Spain.
  5. Once you’re in Spain it’s cheap and easy to get around, so you can explore the country. Most flights land in Madrid and there are high speed train connections from there to more or less everywhere else in Spain. The fact that it’s easy to travel is great because Spain has a lot of history to enjoy. If you like to explore, you’ll love Spain. For more information on what you will need to visit Spain, check the UK government website.
  6. Very cheap hotels. I have discussed the ways to stay in Spain on the cheap before so I won’t bore you with the details again. Spain is a very popular tourist destination and it’s for that reason that there are thousands and thousands of hotels there. This, combined with the fact that there is so much coastline means that some of these hotels are in absolutely beautiful locations and they aren’t actually that expensive. It’s a similar story to Las Vegas, which I will write about soon. There are so many hotels there that they are all competing with each other and so 5 star rooms can be had for less than the price of one night in a Premier Inn in the UK.


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