What I look for when I’m choosing a hotel

As a keen traveller I have seen myself in some pretty rough accommodation before. I have literally spent one night in a 4 star luxury hotel with a personal butler and then the next I have slept under a bridge. (The joys of India lol). If I’m travelling for the sake of travelling or seeing sights then this is fine. You can’t really stay everywhere In luxury and in a lot of cases it’s virtually impossible to do this if you wish to really get off of the beaten track. However as much as I love travelling I also like a relaxing holiday, which is why I like places such as Spain, Portugal and Greece.

When I’m staying on one of my so-called relaxing holidays I do tend to explore but only really the local area. I always stay in the same hotel throughout the duration of one of these holidays so I try not to go too far that I can’t get back in time for bed. As a result I look for a hotel that would make me comfortable and enjoy my stay. Some of the things I like in my hotel to make me comfortable are:


A laundry service. I wash and iron my own clothes at home so I don’t expect to do it on my relaxing holiday.

Free Wi-fi. I don’t care how poor the Wi-fi is as long as it’s free, it costs an absolute fortune otherwise. In fact. I’d rather a hotel didn’t have wi-fi than wi-fi that costs money.

A pool bar. An additional bar near the pool so I don’t have to spend too much of my relaxing holiday in the shade. I also check websites such as trip advisor to make sure these bars are open throughout the day.

A cash machine. I try to ensure there’s a cash machine in the hotel or if not, then very close to it. There’s nothing worse than a 2 mile trek just to draw out some Euros only to find out that the machine is completely empty. At least if it’s in or near your hotel then you have a fighting chance of being able to access it when there’s money in it to dispense.



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