My pet hate when travelling

My pet hate when travelling As you may know by now I am a keen traveller and it’s something that I like to do as often as I can, finances permitting. Because I consider it a bit of a hobby I suppose you could say that I enjoy doing it. That said as with most people and their hobbies there are aspects of it that I absolutely hate with a growing passion, and for me it is the airport. I don’t hate flying at all. In fact I really enjoy the fact that I am moving as quickly as I can to a destination that would otherwise take a very long time to get to. It’s the actual airport that I hate – in particular the customs area. I appreciate that this is an essential part of travel and that it will always be a part of air travel but the process is an old and outdated one that needs some change. It seems to be worse in the UK and US than many other countries, mainly due to the people. In some countries the customs staff are very polite and respectful but here in the UK they come across as quite rude. Not all of them, but a few of them. Unfortunately it only takes one rude person in customs to put me in a bad mood and it has a slightly negative effect on the beginning of my travels. I understand that for the officials it’s quite a tedious job and that it probably doesn’t pay well but my philosophy is and always has been that if you don’t like your job, LEAVE. Do us all a favour because nobody who’s travelling or going on holiday wants to see your miserable face when they are having their bags screened. Rant over. Riccardo


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