How I save money when staying at hotels

I have accumulated a few tips and tricks throughout my travels over the years on how to save money when staying at hotels. Here are just a few of them as I think many people will be jetting off for their Summer holidays in the next few weeks so hopefully I can save you some money too if that’s what you’re doing.

Firstly I always ensure that I take cash with me on my holidays. Even if it involves drawing it out of an ATM when I get to the hotel. Be aware that there amy be an extra charge for doing this, though. Never ever use your credit or debit card for everyday spending when on holiday and staying in a hotel. The transactions will soon mount up and you will have no way of keeping track of how much you’ve spent if you can’t physically see – especially those drinks you buy when you’re a bit non- compos mentis at 2am at the hotel bar! Also it’s only polite to tip hotel staff and you can’t do this with an atm card. You don’t want to upset the hotel staff when you’re on holiday – even if you don’t mean to.

Take your own travel adaptors. While most hotels have these available to buy or rent, they are seldom included for free in the rooms (because people steal them). You can buy travel adaptors in the pound shop in the UK and they can cost as much as £10 when you’re on holiday so it’s easy to save money there. You can buy multi-regional travel adaptors that you can leave in your suitcase so you’ll always have them to hand – and they don’t take up much space.

h10hotelsdiscountcodeWhen booking your holiday, if it’s not too much more to do so, book all-inclusive if you don’t intend on leaving the hotel much. Even if you’re not a big drinker those Colas and ice creams soon add up especially if you’re in a family or party with children. In some cases you can absorb the extra cost of booking all-inclusive in as little as 2 days.

Using websites such as can also save you money if you’re flexible on date sand times. You can also get extras to sweaten the deal such as by receiving spending money or credits or free flight transfers etc. Booking direct with hotel websites can also save you money as you can take advantage of the seasonal promotions and discounts that they offer – escpecially at the last minute whent they are desperate to fill those empty rooms that nobody has booked just yet.



Three of my favourite hotels

I have stayed in a number of hotels in my lifetime, in a number of different countries. As a result I can’t remember a lot of them and some I’ve probably even been to on a couple of different occasions and have not really even noticed. There are however a few that will stick in my mind forever.


The Playa Del Carmen Hotel in Mexico

Situated right on the beach – which is my favourite location for a hotel to be anyway – the Play Del Carmen Hotel is just an absolutely beautiful hotel to look at. With its different huts dotted around for the pool bar and other outbuildings, many palm trees throughout the grounds and lovely golden sand beach leading on to the infinite sky blue sea just a few footsteps away from the hotel building itself it truly is a special place. The service there is second to none as you would expect from a 5star hotel, and the staff there are extremely friendly and polite. I made many friends in the ten days that I stayed there in 2011 and I still keep in touch with a lot of them today via Facebook and Twitter.


cheap5starhotelsThe Signature in Las Vegas

You may remember me going on about Vegas hotels in a previous post, and the Signature at MGM Grand in Las Vegas is the Vegas hotel that springs to mind for me. Not only is it ridiculously tall, but there are 3 buildings and just standing near them makes you look up in awe. This sends a tingle down the spine. The rooms do the same thing as they are all absolutely HUGE and very luxurious with all bedrooms having en suite facilities and most rooms having a separate kitchen and lounge area. In fact, if I work out the square footage of the room I stayed in it’s probably bigger than my house. For this reason alone it will always be a memorable hotel for me and as for the location – well there’s only one Las Vegas.




The Tunis Grand Hotel in Tunisia

I have only been to Tunisia once and so I have no other Tunisian hotels to compare this one too, but if someone else who has been to another one could comment on Tunisian hospitality then please let me know if the experiences I had here are normal for Tunisia or I just went to an outstanding hotel.

Every morning when I went to the pool one of the pool staff would physically find and bring me a sunbed. They would also ensure I had something to drink and eat when I wanted to while I was by the pool and so I did not have to move a muscle. Obviously this was one of my relaxing holidays.